Industrial maintenance tailored to you, the customer

Every project is different. There are large projects with countless machines that we are happy to work on, but we will never ignore the smaller projects that only require short maintenance. Everyone must be helped in our view. Customers who use our services once for urgent repairs? Or customers with whom we collaborate for a long time because overhaul and maintenance keep their processes running smoothly? All equally important to us.

Because trust is one of our principles, we are happy to build a good relationship with you, the customer. A perfectly maintained machine that is regularly checked must undergo fewer radical repairs in the future. That is why we also offer annual contracts to companies wanting nothing more than a streamlined process every day of the year. That is only possible with perfectly maintained industrial equipment. Glad to help.

Why you can count on us

The short answer? We are experts in maintenance, overhaul, repair and fitting of industrial pumps, blowers, fans and gearboxes. But we are happy to go the extra mile.

  • Goal-oriented, problem-solving approach
  • Punctuality: good agreements make good friends
  • Only the highest quality is good enough
  • Available anytime, anywhere, even in case of emergency

In case of emergency
available 24/7.

Let’s play our trump cards

Why choose us? In addition to a relationship based on trust, we offer driven expertise to always come up with the best and fastest solution anywhere and anytime. And we always go that extra mile for you:

available 24/7

large or smaller projects

in or over the borders of Belgium

long-term cooperation or one-off

Our Offer

Industrial maintenance of


Having a problem with your pump? We will solve that professionally in no time.


A perfectly working gearbox gives us the greatest satisfaction too.


We get blowers that do not work properly to function as they should, whatever it takes.


Good ventilation prevents possible overheating. We ensure that they run well.