Suffer from moisture in your home?

Moisture in your house can be a true drama: your beautiful white walls get nasty spots, there is a musty smell in the house and molds develop. It is therefore important to address that cause as quickly and efficiently as possible. Count on professionals with their methods of injection of gels or impregnation.

There are various problems such as rising moisture where walls absorb soil moisture. Another problem is moisture where a façade is weathered so that the moisture-resistant properties decrease. Exterior walls that become porous also have the nasty consequence that they can cause large cracks in freezing weather. A third moisture problem is often condensation moisture due to poor ventilation. We can also offer solutions for this, depending on the situation.

How can Veflo help uou?

In the meantime, Veflo quickly recognizes your moisture problem and how we can resolve it quickly and efficiently. In the case of moisture, not only speed is important but also that your problem is permanently resolved through sustainable solutions.

Do you not immediately know what the best solution for your problem is? Have a Veflo expert come by to prepare a free quote. The causes of your problem are quickly mapped and we are happy to list all solutions with their associated price tag for you.

Veflo tackles moisture problems quickly