Why ventilate?

Good ventilation is not only necessary on an industrial scale. Private individuals and managers of SMEs also benefit from a well-functioning ventilation system. In any case, this is mandatory for new construction projects, but also for major renovations, well-considered ventilation is recommended. Veflo lists a number of things for you.

How does ventilation work?

Home ventilation or ventilation of your building as a business manager rests on a ventilation system. Usually ventilation system D is chosen for this, a method of mechanical balance ventilation. Supply and removal of air is therefore done mechanically thanks to a system of ventilation ducts and fans. The warmer discharged air will serve to heat up the colder supplied air. That is the heat recovery from the ventilation system D; This is how you save on energy costs.

Why choose System D?

As mentioned, with a ventilation system D you have a lower energy cost. Although the investment is somewhat higher, you not only save on heating costs due to heat recovery. The quality of the heated air supplied is also higher. There is also less noise because system D does not use air vents in windows and walls to supply fresh air. A damped ventilation system therefore ensures less environmental noise.

How can Veflo help you?

Veflo is experienced in installing ventilation systems on an industrial scale. You can imagine that placing ventilation system D for private individuals and managers of SMEs is a breeze for us. There are self-build packages, but with the help of our professional craftsmen you are assured of an optimal placement of the system.

So according to the rules of the art and with larger investments such as your ventilation that does make a difference.

  • Plenty of experience
  • Placed according to all standards and rules
  • Streamlined and meticulous assembly

Veflo, your professional for ventilation